Why are people sooo dumb???


I am sooo tired of stupid people (the public) calling this doctor’s office to schedule an appointment (my job) and asking the most stupidest questions ever!!! If you ask me when the "NEXT AVAILABLE" is and I say 2 months from now, why the hell would you ask me if there is anything sooner than that??? If there was anything sooner I would have said the sooner date. And why would you ask me if I know of another office where you can be seen sooner? Why yes all computers in this world are connected and I can see what the availability is in other offices. How am I supposed to know if someone else’s office can see you sooner??? Lastly a competent family doctor will NOT send you to a specialist for a "general evaluation". THERE IS NO SUCH THING!! You are sent to a specialist for specific symptoms you are having ‘THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE APPOINTMENT PEOPLE"!!! So please before you leave your doctor’s office or hang up the phone ask why you are being referred to the specialist if you don’t know your own symptoms. Whew!!

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