You shouldn’t be in IT


Hi Clive
Yeah that’s not your name but someone new in our team thought that was your name and he immediately and independentlly hates you too so refuses to learn your actual name which makes me happy. You are a grumpy miserly conservative time-police old man fuckface. Maybe you should stop worrying about trying to cover your own ass and taking care of your own projects as if you’re paying the IT development yourself and actually be a team-player for once in your life instead of fucking over your colleagues? Just a thought. Cos by your grumpy arsehole demeanor you don’t seem to be having a fun life anyway. You’re just a cunt Clive, plain and simple. A fucking nasty cunt who should retire and leave us in peace.
P.s. go fuck yourself ( I mentAlly say this after every dealing with you in the office).

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