Cell Phone Escape


I was just in the most boring meeting ever. Some lady just kept babbling on and on about something that I did not care about and something that did not even concern me. All of the people that were sitting/standing by the door quietly snuck out without causing much of a scene. I was in the middle of the room though so it would have looked horribly rude for me just to stand up and walk out.

And then it struck me; a glorious idea. I set my cell phone for 2 minutes and when it went off (sounded like my phone was ringing) I quickly picked it up and politely excused myself from the meeting to “answer the call.” I never returned to that horrible meeting.

I’m not sure if answering your cell phone during the middle of a meeting is less rude than just getting up and walking out, but it least it gave me an excuse to get the hell out of there.

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