It’s 2014 …


… and you are blithely unaware that you need to tell me the location of the file on the network.

How does it happen that you’ve been maintained in a state of unbelievable idiocy for the 28+ years you’ve worked here and gotten away with it all that time?

I believe I can answer that! You’re the supervisor of my "group" and nobody is EVER going to confront you about anything!

You’re a dolt, we all know it and we’re FAR more invested in serving our time and collecting our retirement at the very first opportunity than we are in running the risks inherent in trying to educate you. (If you’d ever **tried** to be educated that’d be another thing. We’d have leapt to your aid in the hope of being perceived as stars. But nobody toys with willful ignorance in their "superiors." We all know it’s there for a reason and nobody wants to take the chance of finding out what that reason is and what attitudes it’s accompanied by. Kill the messenger? No way it’s worth it. Easier to not send any messages and just keep propping you up.)

Isn’t this endless bullshit just FUN?

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