Late Night Mover


i work at a farmer’s market, and about twice a week we have to unload trucks at odd hours of the morning, like, say, 2:30 AM. once, me and one of my best friends who also worked there got called in to unload it because the person who was supposed to got sick. we have both been doing this for quite some time, so we show up casually at around 2:30 and immediately realize something about each other. he sees that i am extremely drunk, and he is extremely high (we both got rides there, dont worry). he agreed to give a shot to driving the forklift, and i had to push the pallets into the cooler, and on the first try he completely misses the pallet and almost knocks it off the semi, so we switched positions. this was the single hardest thing i had ever done in my life. i had to unload 8 pallets of fruits and veggies that were on the verge of tipping in the first place, without any light at all, then drive them over a cracked and crooked lot over to the cooler so he could roll them in. i honestly don’t know how i managed not to spill anything.

haha interesting side note, after we were done my friend ate an entire 3 pound bag of cherries. then we went to krystal’s and hung out with the people working the graveyard shift

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