One good thing about working with you so long


I don’t have to be surprised anymore when you claim every single day around a holiday as a day off. Of COURSE you do. You’ve done it every year I’ve been here and you’re doing it again.

I used to feel that something really shitty was happening to me when you did that, because you’ve worked here since time began and you plan half a year in advance so you can maximize your time out of the office, but what I discovered as it happened over and over again, is that when you’re not here, things are really rather pleasant. The Friday after Christmas and the Friday after New Year? There will hardly be another living soul in this office, so I’ll mess around on the computer, take a long lunch, and not really suffer much at all, except for having to get out of bed in the first place.

I have neither the vacation time accrued to grab every holiday, nor would I be able to live with myself if I tried it because I’d feel so guilty at making you bear that weight over and over again, but you simply do not give a shit. The chip on your shoulder is visible from Mars. You think this office owes you for all those years, so you just grab anything you think will be good for you. But you get the karma, too, baby. I’ve never seen a long-time employee anywhere as unloved as you are.

Go. Take your time off. Nobody will miss you. Least of all, me.

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