The Scab


been working here for
2 months now and it feels like my first day in High School.Don’t know many people sit alone at lunch getting lost in a huge building.I’ll give you guys a run down This place is huge I beleive there is close to 8000 people working here. There is 3 office buildings all have atleast 16 floors connected togther and there is a gym, pretty big cafeteria, dry cleaning,A small corner store, small museum and other small neccesoties to help inside the building. I mean this place is pretty fun to work at but I hate going to lunch or taking a break cause all I do is sit alone or talk with my older co-workers who seem to enjoy talking about work alot and there kids.I’m 20 years old and all these old guys hate me cause I’m so young and they think there all gonna be replaced (which hopefully is true)

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