The Slip


I work in a restaurant and every night after we close we are responsible for vacuuming the dining room and mopping the kitchen. Whenever we mop the kitchen we’re suppose to put up a ‘Wet Floor’ sign because the floor gets as slippery as ice.

The other day I was mopping the floor and forgot to put the sign out. The bus boy was returning from the dining room with a bus tub full of dishes and half-eaten food. He wasn’t paying much attention and when he started to walk on the kitchen floor he slipped and fell.

Dishes, food, soda, and other nasty crap when everywhere. He was covered from head to toe. It got in his hair. There was even a piece of spaghetti hanging from his eye glasses. It was hysterical. I felt bad for not putting up the sign, but man it was worth it.

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