The Taker


So sometimes at work i get hungry like most people do. I usually don’t carry cash on me so the vending machine is out of the question. Fortunately people have candy readily available to everyone in the office. I take everyone up on this and go shopping as if i were in BJ’s and these are the free sample stands. Well i was especially feeling the Hershey’s white chocolate swirls that the secretary has in front of her desk, so i take a hand-full. These are really good today, so i go back for more. I have about 20 of these things in a span of 2.5 hours.

As i’m unwrapping the last one she comes to my desk and asks if i would like to contribute to supplying the next batch of Hershey kiss’s. I quickly tell her “no” and pop the last one in my mouth.

I’ll clean out the rest of them out of her bowl on my way out of the office today.

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