There is no god at sprouts farmers market


It has been almost a year since I’ve left that place. I normally get over places or people that did me wrong. This place gives no communication to their workers on what they want done. I walk in there because some of my friends loves sprouts. So I go along dragging my feet. I gave the honest shot to try to get over it.
I realize the problem with that is my moral beliefs. That place treats everyone like shit. It took a better job to realize that. I get so negative about that place because I know how they cut peoples hours back and try to get rid of people like that. Some people there try to get a full time job and never could get one. They just cut hours and fuck with people that try to make ends meet. Managers back stab the shit out of people there and get people fired who do an honest day work. They could try to couch people to do better and explain better what they want. Mainly whats morally wrong is your at their mercy of what hours they can give you and you can’t have a second job to make ends meet when they can’t give you all the hours themselves. They cherry pick people and have their favorites. Christmas they cut your hours the worst. I think from my experience in the work force they make the most hated jobs a better place to work. They are the worst company I have ever come across and god save those poor workers because there is no god there.

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