To the 2 co-workers in their 50’s


Why do you 2 always do non work related matters at the office, and being loud about it? Yeah. You know, those 401k, hsa, stock purchase things, it is very annoying to have to listen to those conversations.
Also, if you trash talk your wife one more time, and this other person sides with you, i am going tell you two to stop.
If you feel like baby sitting this individual through every god damn email, be my guest.
I will not.
If you dont like him getting handsy but wont tell him or stop him, be my guest.
The trick is, dont tell me it bothers you.
If he leaves the office without saying anything, you can be his mother all you want, but i dont want to hear it.
I am going to act like that one dude who shows up as he pleases, except for to be actually working.

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