My office window faces directly into windows of a dentists office. If the lighting is right, I can see directly into the dentist’s office and make direct eye contact with the patients as they awkwardly sit on that dentist chair with items stuck in their mouths, that annoying light shining down at them, and with that paper tied around their neck for drool support. As they already feel uncomfortable in this position, I help by staring at them until they see me. Some of them wave. Some of them point. Others wiggle. I just stare without moving and without smiling. I stare at them for just enough time to make them severely uncomfortable, and then I slowly, with one hand and without moving, lower my blinds. Next time I am going to take it to the next level. I am going to make a sign in big bold letters and hold it up to the window when they are alone: “Your dentist is crazy. He is sharpening a knife in the next room. Run!”

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