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I work for a small appliance company, (installing washers, refrigerators, selling new appliances, water heaters, air conditioning, selling parts, etc.). My parents own the business and there are only 4 employees, my father, my mother, my best friend, and I.

Every now and then we’ll get a call on our cell phone from a friend who needs something done on the side, maybe wanting a little discount.

Last week I got a call from a friend…named, lets say Bobby, anyways, Bobby states that his water heater is leaking and thinks he needs a new one. We (my best friend and I), proceed to Bobby’s house and diagnose his bad water heater, the fit was tight so we told him to tell his mom to get the water heater from home depot. He called us and said it was back at the house and she was there he was going to work….

We get there and his mom is there and we see her for the first time…32…divorced, single, hot little thing…she proceeds to ask us what we will charge her to install it…with smiles we look at each other and she picks up on the gig….while my best friend installs the water heater I proceed to rail her in her bedroom…45 mins later my friend knocks to let me know its his turn…

I go out in the living room and watch t.v. and drink a soda while he finishes his business…haha…we left, and later, our friend bobby called me to let us know his mom really complimented our ‘work’ and said he should call us again! Hahaha…hows that for an installation charge??

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