Deserved Promotion


So, my buddy T-bone and I used to work in a PC deployment job. We would push huge ass bins full of new equipment, replace it all, and haul the old shit back to our lair. T-bone thought it would speed up the pace by blindingly pushing bins to me as fast as he could. I turn around and see a huge bin with 10,000 mice and keyboards racing towards me at blazing speed. Before it could reach me, I hear this ear-shattering crack as the bins smashed the fuck out of a door frame, breaking it into a thousand pieces. Ole T-bone goes and hides from the manager the rest of the day. I proceed to roll around laughing like an idiot, getting weird stares from the staff members. We somehow got promoted, while others were let go for being too stupid for the job!

posted under Workplace Mishaps
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