Ditch My Pride


After a long hard day of work it was time to go home. I walked out to the parking lot only to find my car was nowhere in site. I asked around the office and no one could think of a logical reason my car would be missing so I called the property management company. I asked if they had towed any cars that day and they replied that they had not.

At this point there was only one other alternative that could possibly explain the whereabouts of my car. Someone must have stolen it. I mean, who wouldn’t want a 1992 Sea Foam green Honda Civic with 175k miles on it?

I called the police and filed a stolen car report. The next day however a lady from work came racing in my office and told me that the security manager had found a car in the ditch out front. I called the police and told them that I found my car and they said that they wanted to come investigate. As I waited for the cops to arrive I could only think that it was quite odd that someone would steal my car and then drive it into a ditch in the very same parking lot. Criminals really are stupid I thought to myself.

By the time I got downstairs the police had already arrived and investigated. A young officer approached me with a dumb-founded look on his face and said: ‘Excuse me son. Did you lock your doors when you parked your car yesterday?’ Of course I replied, I always lock my doors.

Well he said the doors are still locked and you know what else, the parking brake isn’t on. Turns out I forgot to put my parking brake on and my car had rolled back into the ditch.

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