Forgetful Smells


I’m an idiot I need to start taking some memory medicine cause my bad memory just embarressed the crap out of me. Ok I emailed 2 of my co-workers to stop by my desk so I can train them on an issue we’ve been having at my cubicle. I get busy with sumthin else and forget that I did that I feel a rumbling in my stomach and I can tell it was gonna be one of those “silent but deadly farts” so I let it go and cough as I do so. Right when I let it go I hear a conversation getting closer and closer to my desk when I relized what I had just gotten myself into I bolted out of my chair and tried to head them off too late as soon as I got up they were there. I told them that well go to there desk for training but they declined saying it was too far. As soon as they sat down they relized why I was to embarresed to turn around and speak to them so I just stared at the screen talking. Not only could I not speak cause of the embarrassment but the stench had me choking. I need to get some of that memory medicine crap

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