Having Your Cake


From time to time people bring in cakes or cookies and leave them in the lunch room for others to enjoy. I normally don’t partake. So, one day a coworker was walking by with a piece of cake and I casually said “Oh, that looks good, if there’s any left at the end of the day I’m going to have to steal a piece.”

Time went by and I was by someone else’s desk helping them when our receptionist apparently wrapped up the last piece of cake to take home. Apparently my boss overheard me earlier in the day, because she then asks the whole office “Who took the last piece of cake?” The receptionist said she did, so my boss says “Oh no, Pete wanted that.” She then proceeds to walk over to the receptionist, take the piece of cake, then walk over to me (looking on in horror) as she gives me this piece of cake in front of everyone peeking out of their cubes to see what is going on.

I try to protest, saying I didn’t want it, etc. And finally she thrusts the cake into my hand and says “Just thank me for the damn cake, Pete.” And walks off, leaving me there standing with a piece of cake.

Naturally, I try to give it back to the receptionist, but she refuses it and says she doesn’t want to get into trouble.

So, later on back at my desk, our accountant comes by to ask me “So, how was the cake, Pete?” in a really snotty way. Later, one of the guys from the warehouse calls me to laugh about how funny it would be to go eat the cake in front of the receptionist and say that it sucks, or is really good. Soon, people from all over the building are talking about my stolen cake.

Towards the end of day I call the receptionist and tell her to stop by on her way out and pick up the cake, but she just says “No.” and hung up the phone!

People still bring it up from time to time… It was some pretty tasty cake, though.

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