My job makes me hate human kind


I originally posted this a an employment review lol…
As a customer service Rep in the Export department of the Woodlands office, you will get little pay for the work you do without much room for raises or advancement.
The Woodlands TX, office is extremely clique-ish, gossipy, unethical, biased, racist, and the Management/ Supervisors are literally borderline mentally challenged.
A lot of gossiping behind the back goes on here, all of the old timers go out of their way to get the young employees in trouble for any little thing, and racial groups of women band together and treat other raced women like dirt.
People are promoted based on who they are related to and or who kisses ass the best.
Their HR department is a joke. When a friend of mine and I reported racial harassment and threats of violence to them , they pretended to "investigate" and then they allowed our supervisors to retaliate against us with write ups for telling on people!
Supervisors allow customers to call in and treat you sub humanly. Even though before they get you to accept the job they tell you they will not tolerate poor behavior from customers and to feel free to hang up on the awful ones or to transfer them to management… yeah that’s a joke. Customers called in every day cursing me out, threatening me physically, making sexually inappropriate remarks. When you bring this to your managers’ attention.. you get chastised for bothering them and nothing is done about it.
Also if you work here be sure to bring along a barf bag… every single one of the useless female supervisors are extremely unsightly and overweight and insist on breaking every single dress code and often wear tight, see through and short clothes… I literally saw one of their drooping butt cheeks while she walked around the office in one of her street walker outfits.

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