Ohhhhhhhh my god


About a year ago, I was working at a retail store in the computer department. One day, there were hardly any customers around, and my co-workers and I had nothing to do but to surf the internet. The computer that we were on was our “demo” computer (it was one of the faster ones, had a dolby 5.1 speaker system, plus it was connected to the internet).

One of our favorite things to do during a time like this was to find codes for games that we had, so we started doing some google searches. Well, after a few minutes we clicked on this one particular link, and about 10 pop-up ads for (you guessed it) porn sites came up all over the screeen.

To make things worse, at least one of them had audio on it. Since this was our demo computer with the big speakers, we of course had the volume almost at max, so here was this bad music and really, really loud moaning women coming from our direction. I frantically tried turning the speaker volume down while covering the screen, and then started to close the windows. Of course, for each one I closed, two more opened. It took about two or three minutes to get them all closed.

As a testament to our stupidity, just a minute later, we did the same search and accidently clicked on the same link. I cant remember if any customers saw or heard this, but thank goodness nobody complained!

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