Paper Jam


Today the printer in our department was acting up (it has been acting up all this week and last week.) It keeps saying paper jam when there isn’t a damn paper jam and it stalls all the time and says check printer paper jam. So everytime I fix it I have to go in the printer queue and release my printouts after I fix the fakeass paperjam. So today I have at least 13 printouts I needed before I left work tonight and every other one gets a fucking paper jam.. by the 4th paper jam i’m punching the side of the printer and saying: “I’m going to beat the fucking shit out of this thing!!” as I get done saying it I look over and there are 3 people prariedoggin out of their cubicles and looking at me like I’m a psycho. I look back at them with a fakeass smile and goin back to hitting the printer… and before I left the office I overheard someone say that the printer doesn’t even work anymore. Mission accomplished.

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