Plotter Problem


During the first week on the job I get placed on client site. Time goes by and 2 months have passed. I get responsibility for printing from the 56″ plotter (yay)…using it mainly for charts and diagrams. Well at one point I put it as my default printer since I’m working on charts for about 4 weeks and I’m only using that plotter for printing anything. Well of course I forget to change this setting. I needed a 10-page document to read before I left for work one day so I quickly hit the print icon as I always do. I went to the small printer and nothing was coming out - so I hit the print icon again…still nothing. I’m confused and tired so I just go home.

When I get to work the next day I feel like a midget. I have about 20 giant pages sitting on my desk. After feeling like an idiot after using about 85 feet of paper from the plotter I begin to laugh - I thought it was kind of funny, but the client didn’t, they were not laughing. Apparently this paper costs $150 for 150 feet. Feeling my job in jeopardy I stop laughing.

I took the giant papers home and read them.

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