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— The News Call Heard Round the World —
So I used to work for this major financial data provider and news conglomerate based out of New York. In the first department in which I worked, one of my responsibilities was running the 11:00am EST global news call which included all the major news executives from around the world both on video and audio feeds with each other. Lets just say after this one, luckily, I wasn’t on the audio feed, but unluckily, the CEO was sitting in on the call. <br />
This call is a big deal and my job is to, using this windows-based program, make sure everyone who is supposed to be there is there, and everyone’s feeds are working. This same program also has all of the other conference calls on the bridge going at the same time. Normally, when I logged in, my microphone was on mute, so until I unmated myself, I could say whatever I wanted.

I was training someone at the time, and he asked me for help after he screwed up right as the call began. So I respond, ‘c’mon motha fucka, you are better than that’ that’s bullshit dawg, c’mon step up your game’ STEP’ UP’ YOUR’ FUCKIN’GAME!!!’

Well, this was only returned by him looking at me with the greatest look of shock I have ever seen. As it turns out, he was listening to the news call”. And my microphone was, in fact, NOT ON MUTE. Some of the most influential news executives in the world, and consequently the CEO of my company heard my little pep talk to my colleague.

The best save I could come up with at the time was, in the same voice they just heard dropping the f-bomb, ‘Sorry folks, looks like some phone lines got crossed. Don’t worry we found the problem on the bridge and fixed it.’ That was a year and a half and another job ago. I think my face just stopped being red from embarrassment last week.

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