ok so me and the guy who dumped the cart into the lake are working at the golf course and we decide to drive a cart out to #2 on the west course. so we are making our way and we get to #2 and i see this tree which isnt very big so i tell my buddy to try to ramp it. i dont really know what i was thinking because next thing i know is we are stuck on top of this tree. so im like ok that was bad idea. it wouldnt be that big of a deal but i look back to the first hole and i see the general manager and a bucnch of other bigwigs teeing off.

so now we have a huge problem with time. so i look for anything to help build some traction and i can only find this orange cone so we put it under the wheel and push and pull and use every ounce of energy that we have. finally we get it off the tree when the manager is just finishing hole 1 so we get out of there with our jobs still intact.

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