Sunken Pride


Two years ago I worked at a fairly nice golf course and country club. I was part of the cart staff. My day usually consisted of about 10% work, about 60% sitting on my ass, and 30% leisure (Playing golf, breaking things, setting stuff on fire, and watching tv). However one fateful day there was to be much more instore for me. When a cart breaks down, it is our responsibility to take the golfers a new cart and return with the old one.

To do this we have a white-spray-painted piece of metal affectionately known as Gandolf. This is our tow bar. It has a pin that sticks into the rear cart’s wheel to steer the rear cart. I was driving the lead cart with a perfectly working cart attached to the tow bar following behind.

I hit a bump and the steering pin came out. Being retarded and not thinking of the very important idea of momentum, I stopped. The rear cart however…..did not. The Tow Bar snapped and the cart kept rolling. There happened to be a hill which added speed to the cart. As fate would have it, there was a lake at the bottom of the hill. The cart became comepletly submerged.

The cart to this day smells terrible and does not work. The cost of a golf cart is about $2000. Luckily, this was my last week of work, so I just very shamefully showed my face for 4 more days.

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