The Koi Pond


flanking the walkway to our (restaurant…sigh) entrance, there are two large fish ponds. “koi” ponds technically…each of the 150 fish is there is apparently worth like 10k each, which I don’t even want to begin bitching about, christ almighty.
but last friday, some lady was standing on the rocks that line the edge, which are not set in cement, which are not meant for standing on, and which wobble.

Bitch falls in the pond.

Her, her whatever-name-designer dress, ridiculous hat, all in. Everybody looks up and sees the splash, it’s fantastic. Completely submerged in this thing. Anyhow, after she’s out and standing there dripping in scummy fish-shitty pond water, she’s asking, seriously, for one of our managers or servers to go in the pond and find her sunglasses (required attire - suits). You’re all wet, why don’t you go fucking find them? it never ends with these people. at least we got to point and laugh, hard. that part was fabulous.

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