Tripped Up


I went to Canton, Ohio to present to a company with a new sales rep for a RFP. We had to be roommies as there was only one room left in a decent hotel in the “city.” (The alternative was Red Roof Inn or Microtel. Uhmm, don’t think so.) None of the locals had any idea why the hotels were booked as it wasn’t Hall of Fame time. As the sales rep was new, she did not have the presentation ready so we worked on the preso until 1:30am and got it to the printers by 2am to have everything ready. The following day started out being what seemed like any normal day with me being tired has hell, although I ruined my pantyhose getting ready - luckily I had an extra pair with me for just such an eventuality.

On the way to the meeting, we followed another co-worker who got turned around and we were lost. It was about 9:15 and we were scheduled to begin presenting at 9:30. We were able to get the assistance of a co-worker who was able to get us to the right location about 5 min before meeting start time. As we’re walking in we were told that the VP of IT is outside talking on the phone.

Really, I’m not exactly sure what happened but apparently my heel got caught in the asphalt parking lot and I wiped out. I don’t mean I stumbled a little bit … I tripped, fell, knee first and ended up laying on the ground. Needless to say I was a bit stunned and when I got up saw that my panty hose were full of holes, my knee was bleeding, I had a nice big, fresh patch of road rash and two big cuts on the top of each foot. As soon as we entered the building, I ran to the rest room to wash the remaining asphalt from my leg and to clean up the blood. When I walked out the receptionist repeatedly asked me if I needed a bandaid. As we walked in to the conf room, only one person (woman) noted the wounds on my leg but did not ask. For the first half of the presentation, I held a papertowel to my knee so that I would not have blood dripping down my leg when I got up for my preso. At the end, I apologized for my appearance and told the participants that I fell in their parking lot on the way in. They, of course, said it was because of the incredibly high heeled shoes I was wearing.

Needless to say I was mortified by the entire situation especially since the VP of IT was outside - luckily he wasn’t in the meeting. The preso went really well and we made it to the next round of finalists. I’m sure I made our presentation memorable as I was injured in the process. Today, my wounds are sore, my legs & feet a little stiff and the bruising is starting to develop. For the foreseeable future I will not be wearing short pants as my legs look like I’m 12 and have been playing outside all day.

Nice, professional way to start a client relationship, eh?

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