Two Doves


I work on the weekends as a magician/clown for kids’ birthday parties. I have this one trick where I make doves (two of them) “disappear” and then “reappear” from a bird cage. One of the doves I work with is really old and earlier in the day I saw one of the bratty kids trying to poke at it with a stick before the show started.

Long story short sometime between the disappearing and the reappearing the old dove died. So when the birds were supposed to reappear there was only one sitting on the perch. The old bird was lying on the bottom of the cage, feet up, eyes open, lifeless.

The kids started asking all sorts of questions. “Where is the other bird?”, “Is he coming back?”, “When do we get to eat?” Finally, one of the kids stood up and noticed the old dove at the bottom of the cage and started freaking out! He started running around and screaming that the bird was dead. That made all the other kids freak out. The stupid little kid’s birthday was ruined by a dead bird.

As a clown and human being I found the whole situation to be quite hysterical.

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