Waxy Situation


Just last week I went to my fairly hot coworker’s office because she was helping me with this problem I had. My inner-ear was itching a lot the whole day so every couple minutes I would tug at my ear lobe in hopes to alieviate the itching. So I sit down at her desk and borrow a pen from her because I left mine down the hall. While she was explaining something to me, I was sitting there with her pen cap in my ear using it as a Q-Tip. I had no idea I was even using her pen cap that way until after i pulled this HUGE wad of ear wax out with it. Im talking like the size of my thumbnail. Embarassed, I tucked the pen cap down between my legs before she saw me, pull the wad of wax off, and stuck it to the bottom of the chair I was sitting in.

posted under Workplace Mishaps
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