well well whatever

Im so sick here. I dont want to think of anything. Just do what I am supposed to do..’diligently’ I would say to leave a good mark.

Totally disappointed.

And when I get home, dilligently redo up my resume, take photos, come up with a good resume, submit them, and hope someone will take me in. Im leaving this company and i hope it will be asap.

Leave in a good mark, for the world is so small..do the best i can..do it for myself and mum..ganbatte.

I have enough of drama here, no more reasons to stay here, other than the pay.
goodbye. thanks for nuturing me and letting me know how scary it is to trust one too much. And how backstabs actually work. How being doing the right thing will not necessary lead to recognition and all.

Well well if this is society..I have to be much stronger? I have to learn to be more aware of the people around me and scary they are?

New outfits, new me, new attitude, but retaining that part of ‘being myself’ is what I need now. I hope to get better colleagues in my new job.

Torturous environment. Something is wrong here.

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